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Chino Pants (hemp / organic cotton)
Chino Pants (hemp / organic cotton)
Chino Pants (hemp / organic cotton)
Chino Pants (hemp / organic cotton)
Chino Pants (hemp / organic cotton)
Chino Pants (hemp / organic cotton)
Chino Pants (hemp / organic cotton)
Chino Pants (hemp / organic cotton)

The second generation of our Chino pants is also comfortable to wear and convinces with its elegant look. Highlight wooden buttons on the waistband and piped pocket ensure a fashionable appearance. Due to the great demand we have added the Chino in two more colours to our range. Whether in khaki, dark blue, steel grey or black – these unisex trousers simply belong to a classic fashion outfit and should not be missing in any wardrobe!

Noble hemp fabric
Typical coarser, linen-like structure
Strong quality (150g / sqm)
Non-elastic and opaque
55% hemp / 45% cotton (organic*)

* controlled organic cultivation

Care instructions: machine wash 30° C

Please attend that the colours can vary depending on your screen calibration.

Products weight:  0.30 kg
Availability:  delivery: circa within 1 - 3 workdays

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  • khaki
  • black
  • steel grey
    steel grey
  • dark blue
    dark blue


The Hemp Line

The label „The Hemp Line“ emphasises basics for women and men that have both ecological and fashionable requirements to be met. With bi-annually varying collections, only pure hemp and hemp-cotton fabrics produced out of controlled organic growing are used.

Hemp is cultivated by nature organically and in a very environmentally friendly manner. The plants are resilient when It comes to insects and are also resistant against illnesses, so that no pesticides are necessary. Additionally, hemp grows so quickly, that herbicides against weeds are unnecessary. This gives assurance, that hemp clothes not only look good but are also naturally pure in every respect. Eudermic: Recently research confirms the recommendation from old, traditional medicine, that people with sensitive skin should wear clothes out of hemp fibres. Hemp fibres show the same microelectric charge as human skin does. Therefore this is exactly the opposite of those textiles that make one’s hair stand on end and irritate the skin. Due to minute, air enclosures, hemp fibres resemble silk in it’s ability to equalise temperatures relatively, making it cool for summer-wear and warm in winter.

Our hemp materials and textiles are manufactured in China. In the meantime, China’s natural textile industry is geared at being very ecologically friendly. They anticipate exactly what customers in Europe and the USA wish to have. Apart from that, only China has an adequate supply of raw material (fibres) for the textile industry. No other country in the world has reacted too swiftly to the global interest in hemp fibres and textiles, like China has.

Our production is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified and its guideline is combined out of the highest social and ecological requirements for conditions in the respective production locations and they guarantee following

  • apart from hemp, certified organically grown cotton is processed.
  • colouring takes place without making use of harmful chemicals.
  • our production has it’s own garment factory and can guarantee following:
    • Voluntary employment. (no compulsory labour) ( ILO Conv. No.29 & 105 )
    • No discrimination whatsoever. ( ILO Conv. No.100 & 111 )
    • No exploitation through child labour. ( ILO Conv. No.138)
    • 20 % Higher wages than average wages
    • No prolonged working hours.
    • Humane conditions of work.

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