Hemp menswear

For our menswear we use the sustainable natural fibers hemp and organic cotton. The timeless basics for the modern man convince with certain advantages: For example, hemp fibers can absorb up to 30 percent of their own weight in moisture without developing bad odors. Hemp clothing is naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic and is suitable for people with sensitive skin. Discover hemp t-shirts, hemp shirts, 100% hemp pants and hemp underwear at HempHouse.

Hemp House Shoes, natural
Hemp House Shoes, natural: natural
Hemp House Shoes, natural
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Clothing from hemp

Hemp clothing convinces with many positive properties. The hemp fiber is temperature-regulating, so it warms in winter and cools in summer. It can also absorb up to 30 percent of its own weight in moisture without developing bad odors. Thus, clothing made of hemp stays fresh longer and needs to be washed less often. Garments made of hemp fibers are tear-resistant and hard-wearing. Therefore, they are particularly durable and can be worn for a long time.

The environmentally friendly hemp fiber

Hemp fiber is considered one of the most environmentally friendly fibers that can be used to make clothing. When grown, hemp requires little to no pesticides and much less water than conventional cotton. Compared to synthetic fibers, hemp fiber can be disposed of biologically without any negative impact on the environment. In processing, hemp fiber does not require chemicals as it is naturally resistant to pests. Thus, it makes a positive contribution to our environment and can contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry.