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Faliten Stain Remover 250 ml

FALITEN - Detergents/Stain Spray

Merciless to the stain - gentle to the fabric

Faliten Stain Remover Spray reliably and naturally removes stains from grease, oil, blood, grass, fruit and vegetables, lipstick, ballpoint pen, tea, ketchup and other heavy stains.

It is fully biodegradable and suitable for washable textiles made of hemp, linen, cotton, wool, silk and synthetic fibres, and is ideal for heavily soiled fabrics.

For easier application of the stain remover, a spray attachment can be ordered separately.

- gentle to fibres and slightly moisturising
- suitable for all washing temperatures
- can be used for coloured, delicate or white laundry
- suitable for washing machine and hand wash
- without allergic reactions
- free of optical brighteners and contains no bleaching agents or enzymes
- completely biodegradable

Products weight:  0.30 kg
Availability:  delivery: within 3 - 8 workdays

Faliten - stain spray:
without allergic reactions, completely biodegradable

A remedy for removing many stubborn stains such as: Grease, oil, grease, ballpoint pen, make-up, fruit and vegetable stains, grass, tea, coffee, blood and more.

Suitable for all textiles made of natural and synthetic fibres, without bleaching, without enzymes.

Spray on stain, leave to work for approx. 10 minutes, wash with water or rinse with lukewarm water.

- 10% anionic and amphoteric surfactants from yeast and vegetable oils
- of which 2% soap content
- < 5% biodegradable solvents

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