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Botanicals - Set of 3 Undies
Botanicals - Set of 3 Undies
Botanicals - Set of 3 Undies
Botanicals - Set of 3 Undies
Botanicals - Set of 3 Undies
Botanicals - Set of 3 Undies
Botanicals - Set of 3 Undies
Botanicals - Set of 3 Undies

Care instructions: machine wash 30° C

67% viscose (derived from bamboo)
28% cotton (certified organic cotton)
5% spandex, Jersey

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Our hemp roots
Braintree Hemp Clothing was founded in Australia in 1995. Since then we’ve continued to
develop our product lines to maintain our position at the forefront of hemp clothing production.
Our clothes are now available online and in shops across the world.
We chose to produce only clothing made from hemp due to its amazing environmental
advantages. We work with expert designers, weavers and manufacturers to create high quality,
stylish clothing with minimal environmental impact in fair and ethical conditions. This gives you
the satisfaction of knowing that not only does your hemp gear look great, it’s also easy on the

Our range
We produce a range of fashionable, comfortable clothing for men and women, made with
sustainability in mind.
We’ve worked hard to improve the image of hemp clothing, moving away from the stereotype of
scratchy, poorly constructed, shapeless garments towards stylish, versatile and flattering clothes
that are a pleasure to wear. People choose to wear Braintree Hemp Clothing because it makes
a strong positive statement, as well as looking and feeling great.
All our garments are pre-washed, so they won’t shrink. They’re machine washable at 40°C and
can be tumble dried. Each wash makes them even softer and more comfortable.

Our ideology
We aim to produce an ever-growing range of eco-friendly clothing that’s practical and looks and
feels great.
We choose to work only with distributors, suppliers and business and trading partners that share
our ecological and ethical values.
We encourage all efforts towards sustainability, no matter how small.

The Braintree ethical policy
We’re against…

  • child labour
  • forced labour
  • corporal punishment and coercion
  • discrimination on any grounds
  • sexual harassment.

We’re for…

  • children going to school
  • safe, healthy working environments
  • reasonable hours and time off
  • fair wages and overtime pay.

Where is Braintree Hemp Clothing made?
All our cloth and clothing is produced in China. Hemp has been cultivated and used extensively
there since pre-history, so it was a natural choice.
In fact the Chinese are global leaders in the development of ecological fabrics, made from things
like recycled plastic, bamboo, soybeans and even milk!
Over recent years China has become increasingly aware of the damaging impact of industry on
its environment and has taken serious steps to avert it. These include strict regular checks of
fabric factories and dye houses, with heavy fines for polluters.
With policy shifting radically towards environmental protection and energy efficiency, China
could soon be leading the way towards sustainability.
We use only mills and factories that work to the highest quality standards and offer staff a happy
and healthy working environment.

Hemp and the environment
Hemp is a very environmentally friendly crop.
Hemp cultivation is inherently organic. This is because the plants are unpalatable to insects so
there’s no need to use pesticides, and grow so that quickly no herbicides are needed to keep
weeds at bay. Hemp is also naturally resistant to disease.
Cotton, which has widely replaced hemp for the fabric industry, is one of the worst polluting
crops. It uses 25% of the world's pesticides and requires considerably more processing than
Wood fibre has taken over from hemp as the raw material for papermaking. However a hemp
plant takes only four months to mature, compared to 20 years for a tree, and a hemp field
produces nearly four times as much raw fibre as an equivalent-sized tree plantation. The
chlorine bleach that pollutes our rivers as a result of the modern papermaking process isn’t
needed to make hemp paper.
Every part of the hemp plant can be used, so there’s no wastage. It can be made into 25,000
practical products and can stand in for most of the toxic petrochemicals commonly in use today.
It can even be made into biodegradable plastics and ecological fuels.

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